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Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950
All eyes on Stanton IV

Aerospace trading indexes reached a new high this week, as millions of inquiring minds made their way to Stanton IV for IAE 2950. microTech, this year's hosts, introduced visitors to the Tobin Expo Center, the newest and largest convention center constructed in New Babbage.

ARIADNE congratulates all manufacturers on their excellent presentations throughout the week. Our data broadcast team has kept the cameras rolling, and we're pleased to share some of the highlights.

Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner

ARIADNE's shipworks program is delighted to welcome Crusader Industries to their first proper hall at the IAE. After many years of anticipation, their first ships have made the leap from enticing concept to tangible completion. The Mercury Star Runner is a nimble, elegant and punchy starship, one that is sure to raise the stakes for their rival manufacturers. Already we have seen the MSR sprint its way off sales pad, and we can't wait to explore the additional Crusader offerings projected for the years to come.

The Consolidated Outland Nomad

Silas Koerner continued to captivate the industry with his utilitarian vision of the stars, unveiling the new CNOU Nomad during the first day of the IAE. The angular multipurpose craft defies many of the conventional form factors of years past - most notably with its 24 SCU open cargo bed. Calling out to aspiring haulers and experienced spacers alike, we expect this ship to become a common sight across the systems.

"To push further than we ever have before.

The time has come for the Nomad."

- Silas Koerner, Consolidated Outland

The Aegis Dynamics Eclipse

microTech's security forces asserted a strong surface-to-air presence during the second day of the IAE, closely monitoring the arsenal of ironclad craft presented by Aegis Dynamics. In our test flight we took a quantum jump to Delamar for a less-scrutinized flight session, and were captivated by the svelte and tactical design of the Eclipse. Once locked away in classified military programs, this ship has made its way into the light - long enough for privileged investors to add one to their collections. It takes only a few moments in an Eclipse to understand why it received one of the prestigious Best in Show Awards this year.

Exploring the IAE 2950

From far and wide (and beyond), we were delighted to see the number of guests attending the IAE this year. The Tobin Expo Center architecture is largely voiced by unifying circles and rings, a massive walking adventure that reflects the prevailing ethos of microTech's residents. We recommend you join the morning yoga sessions in the MT Commons before making your way inside - that will guarantee you arrive in your walking shoes.

The IAE 2950 Test Flights

This week ARIADNE put a wide variety of ships to work during the test flight sessions. Many thanks to all of our pilots for their skills, participation, and feedback during this year's expo. We powered up our MISC Reliant Mako to keep a sharp lens on the action, be sure to check the Data Vault for our additional media.

Best in Show 2950

As the IAE comes to a close, we are thrilled to see the Best in Show finalists take the stage. These four ships are the exemplars of hard work and dedication in the aerospace industry - shining bright in the unique livery created by the IAE showrunners for 2950. It has been an incredible week here on microTech. Our ship requisition team has made some exciting purchases for ARIADNE operations, and we look forward to our pilots deploying them in the  years to come.

Best in Show 2950 winners:

Aegis Dynamics - Eclipse

Anvil Aerospace - Carrack

Anvil Aerospace - Valkyrie

Drake Interplanetary - Cutlass Black

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